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Helping business owners and entreprenuers overcome sales related obstacles. 

One on One Training

Work through a proven system to achieve success in sales. 

Monthly Training

Keep your team sharp and motivated with reoccuring monthly sales training. 

Business Development

Learn vital skills to achieve your goals and break through business bariers. 

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Are you ready to join the ranks of the top 10% of sales performers?

Are you struggling to keep your pipeline full of qualified leads? Are your presentations boring or unpersuasive? Do you fail to close deals that other salespeople close after you? You can’t read a label from inside the bottle. The best sales people in the world understand that to be the best, you must always continue learning and practicing. Sales coaching is how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths that seperate you from the average. 

What Is Sales Coaching?

Personalized training for your industry.

Practice real life sales skills tailored to your industry. Discuss and overcome objections that you face in your particular field. From real estate sales to high priced jewelry sales, ShapeUp Sales has a solution.  

Learn important skills that top closers utilize.

The top producers in your field did not get there overnight. That have identified key skills that help them produce results. These skills include communication, negotiation, identifying hidden wants and needs, and many others. ShapeUp Sales Coaching will train you to develop these skills. 

Stay up to date with new sales technology and techniques.

Not everyone has the time to read every new sales book or attend sales confrences over the country, but we do. ShapeUp Sales coaching stays up to date with current buying trends to tailor a modern sales approach so you can stay ahead of your competition. 

Value over price selling.

Are your prices higher than your competitors? If the answer is yes, than you may be familar with price objections. ShapeUp Sales utilizes a sales process that takes the focus away from price and shifts the focus to value. Sell your products and services at higher prices than you ever thought imaginable. 

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Sales development training is not just for your “standard salesperson” nor is it only for new or struggling agents. Sales training is tailored to your experience level to maximize the results you can achieve. If your paycheck or revenue is dependant at all on your ability to identify new potential customers, display your value, and exchange money for a good or service than sales coaching can help you grow.  

Real estate agents.

Some real esate agents do not consider themselves to be sales people. Those agents rarely sell as many houses as agents who follow a sales process to keep their closings consistant. Agents are sales people at the very core. Our process teaches agents of all experience levels proven techniques to earn more referalls that lead to sales and listings. You will deliver compelling presentations on both sides of a sale and overcome objections and stalls that are common in real estate transactions. 

Contractors and construction.

Even plumbers and bathroom remodelers are sales people. Whether your contracting company has a staffed sales team or its just you, sales coaching can help. If you are tasked with finding leads, meeting with them to display your company’s value over anothers, and closing a deal, you are a sales person. ShapeUp Sales can help you identify new lead sources and master in-home and commercial closing skills. 

Business to business.

Its no secret that B2B sales makes up some of the highest priced sales agreements in our economy. Competition is fierce and stakes are high. Our models focus on lead generation, solution based selling, and high level negotiating. Knowledge is power and coaching is the edge that can help you beat you competition. 

Financial Services and Insurance.

In our modern market, it can be difficult to sell financial products with razor thin margins. Customers are leaving firms daily to save a few dollars a month. ShapeUp Sales works one on one with financinal agents to practice cold calling scripts, discover networking opportunities, and how to increase customer loyalty. 

Other Products and Services.

There are hundreds of industries that employ sales people and each on is different than the next. Our core models work in every field, for every person. We customize our training to meet each customers need but the core competencies are the heart of our programs and work in every field. No matter your position or title,  if you have a responsibility to bring in more customers to your business, we can help.  

Our Approach

ShapeUp Sales Coaching takes a more personal approach than other online platforms. You won’t be watching tons of prerecorded videos or talking to a call center. We tailor or core training model to include specific problems and objections you face. We meet in person or digitally, face to face, to learn, practice, and master the skills you need.  

There is no “one size fits all” for sales training. We want to talk with you directly and help overcome the issues you face in sales. Our process is proven to be effective in nearly all sales situations and is not overly complicated. Find out which course will change your life below!

How It Works

Schedule a Call

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Choose a Coaching Plan

Read our plan descriptions below to determine what plan will solve your needs.  Schedule a call or send us a message for more information on which plan might be best for you. 

Reach Your Goals

Don’t wait to start making more money. Our courses have helped sales people double and even triple their annual income. Start coaching now to find your missing piece. 

Sales Consulting

Solve specific sales related problems with hourly consulting. Common consultations cover: hiring sales people, commission tracking, team motivation, and developing a sales playbook. 


More Details

Sales consulting is a popular program for “solo-prenuers” who run every aspect of their business and know they need a change, but don’t know where to start. Work one on one with a sales coach on an hourly basis to solve your specific problems. Anything from setting up your first sales person, to discussing creative ways to motivate your team. 

7 Week Sales Mastery

Master core sales skills in just seven weeks. Learn how to generate leads with referrals, networking, and more, as well as warming up, presenting, handling common objections, closing, negotiating, and more. 


More Details

This course is your fastest way to start performing the way you want. You will learn and practice skills that have helped clients close hundreds of millions of dollars in sales in a variety of industries. 

11 Week Sales and Business Mastery

Includes all of the sales skill in the 7 week course as well as vital business skills. Learn how to propel your business in the right direction with goal setting techniques, time managment skills, and leadership training. 


More Details

Do you set goals in your head that never seem to materialize? This course will teach you how to utilize goal planning sheets to break any goal into time bound tasks that will lead to your success. You will also learn time management techniques likes tracking, blocking, and delegating to free up additional time for innovation.

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